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Many of our cities are largely built out with structures that were constructed for a singular, specific use, or a historic use. Adaptive Reuse is an effective way to breathe new life into a building in an environmentally friendly manner that reuses existing building stock, infrastructure, and reimagines a place for the modern economy. It can also be financially expedient relative to new construction.

Locations are finite and a good location with high traffic and visibility is often of greater value than the use. Adaptive reuse allows for leveraging of existing assets into more productive, higher and better uses.

Much of the new commercial construction within cities follows the same trends in terms of design and construction materials. Older buildings are historic resources that cannot be replicated. They are part of the collective memory of a place.

Administrative Challenges to Creating Flexibility
We have a system of fabricated inflexibility that greatly limits how we can use buildings. It is static and does not reflect rapidly evolving land use demand.

As more workers work from home and property owners respond to new space planning techniques due to COVID-19, we ensure that your buildings are ready to accommodate new market realities. We are a multi-disciplinary team of law and planning professionals here to help you.

  • Crucial Flexibility Single use buildings and single use zoning are concepts of a by-gone era. Across the country there is a stock of single-use buildings with inflexible zoning. They require flexible solutions.
  • Zoning and Land Use Zoning across municipalities in the United States does not reflect the uses we see in our modern economy. Calfee Zoning has a team of specialists that can navigate zoning codes and planning approvals.
  • Real Estate and Finance — Our real estate and finance consultants can help navigate the administrative burden of proposing a project that is “outside the box.”
  • Municipal Approvals — Our consultants have worked in the public sector, and can navigate approvals for historic boards, public economic development resource support, public finance, in addition to planning approvals.

Demand for certain kinds of space, largely retail and office space, will be evolving in the coming years. Calfee Zoning, Calfee Strategic Solutions, and Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP are combining the power of their collective expertise in Zoning, Real Estate, Public Finance, Economic Development and Government Relations to facilitate successful adaptive re-use of property for public and private sector clients across the country. 


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