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Project Overview
Calfee’s Sean Suder has been engaged to provide special legal counsel to the project, being led by Lisa Wise Consulting (LWC). Calfee Zoning has undertaken a diagnostic of the existing Code and is leading the final stages of codification at the request of the City.

Westerville is hoping to implement a code that will both reflect the community’s goals for growth, as well as streamline the approvals process.

Stakeholder meetings were held with developers and the business community, the Chamber of Commerce, Westerville Schools, Otterbein University, and community groups to ensure that the Code reflects all members of the Community. Instead of asking for stakeholder commentary upon completion of the Code, local practitioners and experts in zoning, land use, environmental conservation, urban design, historic preservation, transportation, lighting, parks, recreation, and economic development were invited to give granular feedback.

Columbus Metropolitan Area

Skills and Techniques

  • Consistency Review for Code Language
  • Consistency Review to Maintain Compliance with Ohio Revised Code
  • Development Pattern Districting
  • Form-Based Coding
  • Character-Based Zoning



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