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Project Overview
The team of Calfee Zoning and OHM Advisors was selected to update the City of Marysville, Ohio’s Zoning Ordinance to implement the 2018 Comprehensive Plan.

Calfee Zoning created custom districts that promote and reflect the City’s desired development patterns and reduce unnecessary or burdensome regulations. The uses and development regulations have been carefully crafted and revised to ensure that the goals of the Comprehensive Plans are met, while still respecting the existing urban fabric.

Due to the proximity of the Plan update and the Code development, joint public engagement sessions for visioning took place, with additional sessions to allow the public to walk through how the new regulations affect their built environment.

The final product is an intuitive and user-friendly set of character-based land use regulations that promote the City’s development vision.

Columbus Metropolitan Area

Skills and Techniques

  • Full Code Diagnostic
  • Calibration of all Regulations and Standards
  • Development Pattern Districting
  • Form-Based Coding
  • Character-Based Zoning
  • Collaborative Public Engagement
  • Comprehensive Strategy to deal with Non-Conformities
  • Presentations at all Adoption Meetings


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