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Project Overview
The Borough of Dormont, Pennsylvania, has engaged the team of Calfee Zoning and YARD & Company to help modernize its zoning ordinance. As one of Pittsburgh’s several transit-oriented inner ring suburbs, Dormont seeks to build on the momentum created by recent regional transit-oriented development planning efforts. The team will craft a zoning ordinance that not only allows for context sensitive infill development and adaptive reuse but enables the borough to capitalize on several light rail stations and bus stops. The process includes active engagement and education; the testing of new ideas and zoning concepts to determine the most appropriate content; and a user-friendly tool to guide growth.

Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area

Skills and Techniques

  • Transit-Oriented Standards
  • Full Code Diagnostic
  • Calibration of Development Standards and Regulations
  • Form-Based Standards
  • Mixed-Use Standards
  • Design Standards
  • Development Pattern Districting
  • Floodplain Standards
  • Visual Urban Dictionary


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