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Project Overview
In 2016, Calfee Zoning produced a Zoning Code Diagnostic Report for the City of Covington, a historic river city located in Northern Kentucky.

Working with key stakeholders, Calfee evaluated how each provision of the Covington Zoning Code had a positive impact, a negative impact, or a neutral impact on advancing the development goals set forth in Covington’s Center City Action Plan.

The City’s development goals included promoting mixed-use development, promoting the adaptive reuse of historic buildings, and allowing for more flexibility through streamlined processes.

The final diagnostic report incorporated recommendations for potential amendments to the text of the Zoning Code as well as for the structural reorganization of key sections to achieve the City’s goals.

Cincinnati Metropolitan Area

Skills and Techniques

  • Main Street Land Use Analysis
  • Recommendations for Additional Mixed-Use Zoning Districts
  • Analysis of Development Goals and Integration into Zoning Recommendations
  • Form-Based Coding Recommendations
  • Character-Based Coding Recommendations


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