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Project Overview
The team of Calfee Zoning and OHM Advisors was selected to create building, use, design and signage standards for the Gateway District in Bowling Green. This district is located in between the charming, walkable, and historic Downtown and Bowling Green State University. The corridor is currently comprised of disconnected commercial uses and the goal is to connect these two walkable places and make the new district human-scaled and pedestrian-oriented while creating an attractive gateway for the City and the University. Calfee Zoning created a highly visual and streamlined document, consistent with City branding. Calfee Zoning was subsequently retained to complete a full re-write of the Zoning Code, which will be kicked-off in the summer of 2020.

Toledo Metropolitan Area

Skills and Techniques

  • Land Use Assessment
  • Calibration of Development
  • Standards and Regulations
  • Form-Based Standards
  • Mixed-Use Standards
  • Design Standards
  • Pedestrian-Oriented Signage
  • Document and Graphic Design
  • Illustratory Diagrams and Graphics for Standards


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